Quality Assurance

Ensuring compliance

Overview and benefits:

It is essential that all ultrasound systems and probes undergo ‘User QA’ and ‘Physics QA’ to ensure correct performance and safety – which is not part of a maintenance contract.

Multi-Medix provides peace of mind via a complete range of QA services, including training for ‘User QA’ and provision of ‘Physics QA’.

Coming Soon: Ultrasound Quality Assurance Guide Book, provided free to end users.

Our QA services are compliant with IPEM1 Report 102, Quality Assurance of Ultrasound Imaging Systems, and the QSI2 standards, ensuring image quality is always paramount, patient diagnosis is not compromised, and potential faults are identified early; potentially 1 in 3 ultrasound probes in clinical use are defective3.

This flexible service ensures that your department correctly manages all aspects of its assets, from installation, through service and repair, to disposal, as is recommended in the UK by the MHRA4 in their document Managing Medical Devices, April 2015.

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1 Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine

2Quality Standard for Imaging

3Dudley N, Woolley D. A multicentre survey of the condition of ultrasound probes.  Ultrasound 2016

4Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency