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Diagnostic Ultrasound QA Manual & QA Knowledge Portal

Diagnostic Ulltrasound QA Manual from Multi-Medix

Diagnostic Ulltrasound QA Manual from Multi-Medix

The Multi-Medix Diagnostic Ultrasound QA Manual was distributed to all hospitals in the UK before Christmas 2020. Each Imaging Department received a copy with our Christmas “snow probe” postcard.

We are really proud to have reached this milestone. Though the book took 6 months of hard work to create, it’s the culmination of decades of research and practical experience.

This knowledge is also shared with the videos that accompany the book, providing practical “how to” guides that have never been available before.

It was important to us that the book did not become a static document that simply gets put on a shelf. Therefore we have also created the Ultrasound QA Knowledge Portal Here you can find the book, the videos and continued updates to the information held. We already have plans for additional material for the book which we look forward to sharing in the second edition.

Ultrasound QA is a mandatory activity. Yet so often the prospect of starting a QA programme can seem daunting. The book aims to demystify ultrasound QA through clear, practical guidance. It’s encouraging to see how high the initial interest was in the book and portal, only days after their launch. We have received registrations from sonographers, medical physicists, biomedical scientists, vets and physiotherapists worldwide.

If you have any questions about the book, the portal or about how to start a QA programme, please email We look forward to hearing from you.

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