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Probe Care Essentials Course Information & Booking Form

Research shows one in three ultrasound probes in UK hospitals are faulty?*

Our hands-on, 60 minute training session teaches probe care
best practise – an essential part of Ultrasound Quality Assurance

Probe Care Essentials Course – Key learning Outcomes

      • Improve patient safety by learning how to check probes for defects
      • Reduce equipment costs due to probe damage through our probe handling technique demonstrations
      • Become legally compliant with the Health & Social Care Act: we explain how
        Health & Social Care Act: we explain how
      • Receive ongoing help and guidance through the Multi-Medix QA Helpline
      • Access to QA Guidance & videos via the Multi-Medix Ultrasound QA Portal

Course Details:

      • Duration: 45-60 minutes
      • Location: on-site in your department
      • Suitable for Sonographers, Radiographers and Imaging Assistants
      • Complies with guidance from BMUS and the Multi-Medix Diagnostic Quality Assurance Manual
      • Download our leaflet here for more details: Probe Care Essentials Leaflet

The course supports CPD Now Outcomes 1,2,3,4,9,11.

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