“QA Everyday” is a comprehensive package of services that enables ultrasound users to begin and maintain a robust Ultrasound User QA programme.  

  • Start your QA programme: Multi-Medix will set up the ultrasound system QA presets.
  • Staff can do QA everyday: Multi-Medix trains and empowers ultrasound users to perform  QA checks quickly and easily.
  • Find a fault/need help? You access to the Multi-Medix technical support team, on hand to answer your questions.
  • Objective and independent: QA Protect includes an annual audit of your ultrasound systems.

Safety and quality is assured, patient scanning is maximised

Download our user QA Programme Fact Sheet: QA Everyday

Why commit to “QA Everyday” for your Ultrasound User QA?

QA is a mandatory activity –  all ultrasound bodies agree. However, operational constraints and day-to-day pressures can often limit an organisation’s ability to implement, perform and audit QA.

“QA Everyday” goes beyond simply training staff or offering outsourced physics support.  “QA Everyday” facilitates a change in ultrasound users behaviour so that ultrasound systems are compliant and patients are safe. 

QA Everyday offers:

  • Peace of mind: Daily & monthly checks find faults faster backed up with an annual independent audit
  • Confidence: Users are empowered to check their systems everyday
  • Safety improvements for patients
  • Consistency: An easy to follow, standardised system endorsed by SCoR and BMUS that can be easily extended to other ultrasound departments.
  • Improved Governance
  • Enhanced professionalism: Users can assure patients and regulators they have employed a robust quality management system
  • Onsite set up: staff do not have to set QA presets by reading manuals themselves
  • Improved knowledge: Staff gain CPD credits
  • Improved VFM on maintenance contracts
  • Friendly support: Access to a dedicated scientific team & probe testing lab should a fault be found or reassurance sought.


“Multi-Medix came into our hospital and made it easy for us to start a QA programme. There was very little physics knowledge needed. And we could always email a photo of a probe or scan if we were unsure of the findings from our checks. That has been really useful”

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