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ISO 13485:2016 Ultrasound specialists you can trust

Multi-Medix is proud to say that it has been formally audited by the BSI and maintained its ISO 13485:2016 certified status – for the third year.

Darren Woolley, Managing Director, thanked all those involved. “Our staff have worked very hard to sustain quality high standards all year. We don’t just aim to meet these standards because an inspection is due. We have created processes and habits for every day”.

What does this quality standard mean to our customers?

Firstly, peace of mind. Our probes are tested and repaired to the highest standards, and can be “tracked and traced” to provide provenance for our medical devices.

Secondly, exemplary service. The inspection required us to survey customers:  100% rated our service delivery standards as good or excellent.

This is further evidenced by the high level of repeat custom Multi-Medix experiences.

“ISO 13485:2016 certification requires significant commitment – it is not an easy benchmark to achieve or maintain. Well done to all involved”