Multi-Medix Probe Repair Lab Video

When you send your probe to Multi-Medix for repair, you get OEM quality at a cost effective price.

Multi-Medix successfully supports OEM multi -vendor service, independent service organisations and biomedical engineers to deliver best in class service. Last year we provided 1500 quality repairs in over 30 countries world-wide

See for yourself, in this short video, our 13485:2016 accredited facility that has provided hassle free, cost effective, quality repairs for nearly a decade.

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Multi-Medix Probe Repair Laboratory / 3:02

Probe Repair Models

We can help you get your ultrasound system up and running again. We have repair capabilities and loan probes on many makes & models.

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Probe Repair Gallery

Multi-Medix offers a full range of independent multi-brand probe repairs, covering all major manufacturers, with the quality assurances you require, at a price you can afford.

With the potential for 1 in 3 ultrasound probes in clinical use being defective1, the cost-effective option is repair; repairs are typically 60% to 70% cheaper than a replacement.

Repair Before and After Gallery:

Multi-Medix’s probe repair service includes;

  • Initial evaluation report – provided within one day of receipt
  • Extensive free loan probe pool
  • Post repair report – detailing the probe/transducer condition, performance, and electrical safety
  • 180 day Warranty

In the event that a repair cannot be economically completed, we can provide you with a fully tested replacement, at a price that meets your budget.

Multi-Medix has a comprehensive quality management system, ensuring that all procedures are of the right quality and up-to-date, and utilises specialist test equipment to assess probes, including FirstCall aPerio™.

Our lab is ISO 13485:2016 certified.

Repair Capabilities:

Curved, phased and linear array probe repair capability:

  • Lens
  • Casing
  • Strain relief
  • Cable
  • Connector
  • Electronics
  • Cosmetics

1Dudley N, Woolley D. A multicentre survey of the condition of ultrasound probes.  Ultrasound 2016