“Bitesize” Probe Testing Webinars & Multi-Medix “Test Tool”

The webinars are aimed at Biomeds and can be watched live or through “On demand” recordings on the Multi-Medix Knowledge Portal. Completed webinar registration forms will also allow access to the Knowledge Portal.

All those who register for the webinars will also get a Multi-Medix “Test Tool” delivered to them.

If you have any questions please email Jen.Riner@multi-medix.com who would be happy to help.

First webinar: Recording available on the Multi-Medix Knowledge Portal.

FirstCall: What no one ever told you.

Second Webinar: Thursday 15th April 2,30pm EST

Replicating FirstCall results, without the need for a FirstCall

Instant results, wherever you are with your Multi-Medix Biomed “Test Tool”.

Third Webinar: Thursday 22nd April, 2.30pm EST

Advanced quick testing of phased array probe

Using your Multi-Medix “Test Tool” to get rapid results

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