Multi-Medix Frequently Asked Questions


Why do we need Test & Validation probes?

With the potential for 1 in 3 of ultrasound probes in clinical use being defective1, test and validation is an essential part of
device management, ensuring that the image chain remains in optimum condition and patient diagnosis
is never compromised. 1Dudley N, Woolley D. A multicentre survey of the condition of ultrasound probes.  Ultrasound 2016.

How does Test & Validation probes work?

Multi-Medix inspect and test, utilising FirstCall aPerio™ aapparatus. All test and validation
comes with a comprehensive report detailing condition, performance, and electrical leakage.

How do I access the Test & Validation service?

Contact us via our ‘Contact Us’ page, to arrange a solution that fits with your needs, small or large.

How often is routine QA required?

IPEM Report 102 – Quality Assurance of Ultrasound imaging Systems recommends at 6 monthly intervals,
however other factors may require this to alter.  QSI standards also expects departments to implement user QA, including daily and weekly activity.

Is your test tool available?

Yes – Contact us via our ‘Contact Us’ page, to discuss your requirements.