Multi-Medix is unique: we specialise in ultrasound quality assurance & safety.

We offer a range of services that enable your organisation to implement robust ultrasound quality assurance (QA) programmes, to ensure optimum image quality and patient safety. We are independent and objective, with friendly staff who will see you onsite & continue to support you offsite with ultrasound QA advice and help.

How can Multi-Medix help you today?

I am an ultrasound user and interested in User QA

“QA Everyday” offers a package of user QA services

  QA Everyday   

My ultrasound systems need physics testing

Compliance testing in line with IPEM 102 & BMUS

Physics testing 

I have a technical query and need a probe tested

Consultancy, training and probe testing

Technical support

In accordance with BMUS Guidelines for Professional Ultrasound Practise

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