Quality Assurance

Helping you to ensure compliance and patient safety


International guidance states that it is essential that all ultrasound systems and probes undergo ‘User QA’ and ‘Annual Physics QA’ to monitor performance and ensure patient safety.

Whilst regular maintenance is also essential, these contracts do not include independent QA, research shows that potentially 1 in 3 ultrasound probes in clinical use are defective1.

Multi-Medix offers independent Ultrasound QA services, in accordance with BMUS, AIUM, EFSUMB, IPEM guidance, services include;

  • ‘User QA Training’ so you can manage day-to-day
  • ‘Annual Physics QA’ to ensure independent imaging performance checks
  • Access to our scientific and technical team/resources

User QA Training

Bespoke User QA training, enabling your department to implement a User QA programme in accordance with the international guidelines.

  • Complete User QA Procedures
  • Complete set of User QA Forms
  • Practical hands-on training
  • Ongoing support

Annual Physics QA

Full Annual Physics QA service, with each system and probe inspected and tested, in accordance with international guidelines.

  • Annual inspection of each ultrasound system
  • Review of previous QA results
  • Detailed inspection and test of each ultrasound probe;
    • Drop out tests, including phased arrays
    • Sensitivity/penetration
    • Vertical/lateral distance
    • Horizontal distance
    • Axial resolution
    • Grey scale/cyst
    • Beam/slice thickness
  • Baseline setting for each probe
  • Future visits will assess against baseline, and baseline new/exchanged probes
  • Comprehensive report for each ultrasound system and probe, including recommendations

Diagnostic Ultrasound Quality Assurance Manual

Coming soon.

A universally practical guide to understanding, implementing, and undertaking ultrasound QA, in accordance with BMUS, AIUM, EFSUMB, IPEM guidance.


1Dudley N, Woolley D. A multicentre survey of the condition of ultrasound probes.  Ultrasound 2016