Probe Repair

The UK’s largest dedicated ultrasound test and repair lab.

Overview and benefits:

Repair not replace – maximise your assets value and make 60% to 70% savings today.

Multi-Medix offers a full range of independent multi-brand probe repairs, covering all major manufacturers, with the quality assurances you require, at a price you can afford.

With the potential for 1 in 3 ultrasound probes in clinical use being defective1, the cost-effective option is repair; repairs are typically 60% to 70% cheaper than a replacement.

Repair Before and After Gallary:

Multi-Medix’s probe repair service includes;

  • Initial evaluation report – provided within one day of receipt
  • Extensive free loan probe pool2 – shipped same day
  • Post repair report – detailing the probe/transducer condition, performance, and electrical safety
  • 180 day Warranty

In the event that a repair cannot be economically completed, we can provide you with a fully tested replacement, at a price that meets your budget.

Multi-Medix has a comprehensive quality management system, ensuring that all procedures are of the right quality and up-to-date, and utilises specialist test equipment to assess probes, including FirstCall aPerio™.

Quality Assured

Multi-Medix Ltd is ISO 13485:2016 certified by BSI under certificate number 677953.

As a member of IAMERS, you can rest assured you are dealing with one of the best companies offering pre-owned medical imaging devices, maintenance and support services, and that we adhere to the IAMERS code of ethics.

Repair Capabilities:

Curved, phased and linear array probe repair capability:

  • Lens
  • Casing
  • Strain relief
  • Cable
  • Connector
  • Electronics
  • Cosmetics

1Dudley N, Woolley D. A multicentre survey of the condition of ultrasound probes.  Ultrasound 2016

2Free Loan Probe Pool subject to availability and fully indemnified for the UK NHS via the Department of Health Master Indemnity Agreement (MIA)