Multi-Medix Probe Repair

When you come to Multi-Medix for probe repair, you get OEM quality at a cost effective price.

Multi-Medix successfully support OEM multi -vendor service, independent service organisations and biomedical engineers to deliver best in class service. Last year we provided 1500 quality probe repairs in over 30 countries world-wide. We offer a range of independent multi-brand repairs, covering all major manufacturers.

We understand the need to repair your probe quickly, so that you can maintain up-time:

We collect, test, quote and repair in less than 7 days, shipping worldwide. Repair quotes are raised in the first 24 hours and include detailed images, diagnostic information, electrical leakage tests and FirstCall tests. See here how we make the probe repair process easy for you.

Our experienced engineers follow strict quality procedures and tests. This specialist team are supported by our team of Physicists and biomedical engineers. Our lab is ISO 13485:2016 accredited.

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FREE loaner probes

FREE Probe evaluation

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Personalised Care

Detailed probe reports

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ISO 13485-2016 lab

180 day warranty


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Probe repair in 4 easy steps

See our short video on the 4 step Multi-Medix probe repair process.

4 Easy steps: Multi-Medix Ultrasound Probe Transducer Repair / 0:37