Are you doing quality assurance checks on your ultrasound systems?

Ultrasound QA is legally required under the Health & Social Care Act and recommended by BMUS (See here: BMUS QA Guidance)

Multi-Medix has highly trained and experienced staff, able to offer IPEM 102 ultrasound physics testing.

Multi-Medix “QA Protect” Service, offers a Physics QA Testing Service including the following:

Detailed inspection and test of each ultrasound probe

  • Drop out tests, including phased arrays.
  • Sensitivity/penetration.
  • Vertical/lateral distance.
  • Horizontal distance.
  • Axial resolution.
  • Grey scale/cyst.
  • Beam/slice thickness.
  • Noise.

Comprehensive report for each ultrasound system and probes.

Access to Multi-Medix’s scientific and technical teams.

Priority access to Multi-Medix’s advanced probe testing and probe loan pool.

Download our Physics Ultrasound QA Fact Sheet, here: QA Protect

The benefits of Multi-Medix Physics Testing

  • Compliance with IPEM 102
  • Independent review of user QA records.
  • Independent review of maintenance providers activity.
  • Early detection of defects.
  • Reduced risk to patients.
  • Compliant with BMUS and SCOR requirements for Physics testing

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