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Aureon™ Awarded CE Marking

Multi-Medix are delighted to announce exclusive distribution rights for Aureon ™ in the UK, which was recently awarded its CE Mark.

With this next generation technology in probe testing and validation, Multi-Medix can now provide healthcare professionals to objectively and independently test the entire image chain within their own departments.

The design team of Aureon ™ stated;

Aureon ™ can test virtually any commercially available diagnostic ultrasound transducer regardless of the manufacturer of the probe, without the need for any external adaptors. Aureon ™ is a highly portable and very easy to use device, ensuring patient safety and a good ultrasound examination. Detecting probe failures early can save hospitals thousands of dollars on premature replacement costs.”

Coming soon to our range for independent diagnostic validation- Active-Z ™.

About Multi-Medix

Multi-Medix is the independent choice for specialist diagnostic imaging ultrasound services.

We provide independent Test and Validation Services, same day evaluations, access to loan pools to minimise costly downtime, and are the UK’s exclusive distributor of Aureon ™.

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