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Multi-Medix Announces Arrival of Aureon™ at BMUS 2013

Multi-Medix are delighted to announce we have taken delivery of the very first Aureon ™ into the UK, via our International partners, the team that developed FirstCall ™, providing verifiable reports of acoustic signatures of probes and energy apertures of probes.

Discover how Aureon ™ and Multi-Medix can assist you with testing and validation not just of probes, but across the whole image chain. Visit us and Aureon ™ , as we launch it to the UK market at BMUS in Gateshead.

Access to Aureon ™ is just one of the ways we aim to empower hospitals to take optimum control of quality and safety of their own ultrasound equipment. To learn how you can re-invent your support options, contact us at

About Multi-Medix

Multi-Medix is the independent choice for specialist diagnostic imaging ultrasound services.

In addition to probe loan pools, we offer independent testing and validation, same day evaluations, independent cost effective repairs and have exclusive UK access to Aureon ™.

To find more information about our services, visit