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Multi-Medix Attends IPEM Conference 24th February 2015

We are pleased to report, Multi- Medix will be attending the IPEM conference on the 24th February at Bar Convent, York. This one day conference will focus on the Physics and Technology of Medical ultrasound, providing a forum for new ideas and experiences to be exchanged.


Multi-Medix is the exclusive provider of ultrasound diagnostic devices Aureon™ and Active-Z™ in the UK and both will be available for demonstration on the day.

Aureon™ can test virtually any commercially available diagnostic ultrasound transducer regardless of the manufacturer of the probe, without the need for any external adaptors.

Active-Z™  measures the complex impedance of the circuit to the corresponding individual element within the array, making it an invaluable tool for quickly checking faulty/suspect probes.

Visit us on our stand to explore our services to help physicists, biomed engineers, and technicians with test and validation of transducers, QA and patient safeguarding.



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The Multi-Medix team are built on the foundations of ex-NHS Clinical Scientists and Clinical Technologists; we are passionate about quality, customer service, and patient safety.

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