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Need a Replacement Probe?

Multi-Medix offers Independent Probe Sales, providing empowered choice for your probe/transducer supply requirements, and the ability to make savings today.

With a comprehensive range of un-used and used probes from all major manufacturers in stock for immediate dispatch, and access to an extensive supply chain, Multi-Medix can ensure you have access to the probes you require, at a price that meets your budget.

All probes/transducers are fully tested prior to dispatch, and shipped with a warranty and comprehensive report, detailing;

  • Condition
  • Performance
  • Electrical safety

Multi-Medix provides peace of mind on your replacement probes.

About Multi-Medix

Multi-Medix is the independent choice for specialist diagnostic imaging ultrasound services, offering essential services and savings to Hospitals, Healthcare Professionals, Veterinarian’s and Business’s.  The Multi-Medix team are built on the foundations of ex-NHS Clinical Scientists and Clinical Technologists; we are passionate about quality, customer service, and patient safety.

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