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Multi-Medix Raises Huge Interest in York

Multi-Medix had what, can only be described as a truly eventful time at the IPEM conference in York last month exhibiting some of our products, including Active-Z ™ and Aureon ™

Heralded an overriding success, our team were busy demonstrating from the moment the stand was set up until the end of the day.  Many visitors had the opportunity to experience the benefits of Active-Z™ first hand, trying the device out for themselves. As a result, demonstrations are now planned within hospital departments all the way through March and beyond Easter, across the country.

Aureon™ had its own share of the glory, with a curious audience intrigued in its capability and its place within QA, test and validation. Discussions proved invaluable with, experience, advice and support warmly received by attendees.


About Multi-Medix

The Multi-Medix team are built on the foundations of ex-NHS Clinical Scientists and Clinical Technologists; we are passionate about quality, customer service, and patient safety.

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