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Multi-Medix Introduces Active-Z™ to UK

Multi -Medix introduces Active-Z ™, a new approach in testing diagnostic ultrasound transducers with a hand held testing device, designed for use by clinical and medical engineering departments.

Launching its arrival to the UK at BMUS next month from 9th to 11th December, Active-Z™ will be accessible in 2015 to the UK and Europe exclusively through Multi-Medix.

Smaller than a digital voltmeter (DVM), using a stylus, the Active-Z™ measures the complex impedance of the connection and circuit from any given pin of the probe connector to the corresponding individual element within the array of the probe; with immediate results of the condition of the probe visible on its screen.

Visit us on Stand 18 at BMUS for a demonstration and more information on this specialist next generation test equipment for engineers.


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