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New Transducer Test Tool Launched at IPEM Ultrasound Quality Assurance Conference

Multi-Medix launched its new ‘Transducer Test Tool’ at the IPEM Ultrasound Quality Assurance Conference on 13 & 14 July 2016; it was well received on the day by all.

The ‘Transducer Test Tool’ is essential for all who are involved in Quality Assurance (QA), from end users to physicists.

As part of the day, Multi-Medix presented the results of a new UK multicentre probe condition survey, showing that more than 1 in 3 probes in clinical use may be defective; presenting risks to patient clinical findings and safety.

The unique registered design of the handheld tool allows you to easily complete a simple array element drop-out test without fuss.  Checking the array elements should form part of every departments users QA programme, and can identify defective probes and mitigate risk to patients.

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