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Global interest in the Ultrasound Rainbow Probe Badge

As Medical Ultrasound Month #MUAM and the launch of our User QA Manual approaches, we thought it would be timely to take a look back over the last few months.

In the spring when Covid-19 was declared a worldwide pandemic, healthcare systems across the globe came under serious strain. Many did not realise how ultrasound imaging became a key diagnostic tool to identify Covid-19 in patients.  However, as an ultrasound company we felt a sense of responsibility to make sure the ultrasound community was recognised, and thanked.   Thus, the “Ultrasound Rainbow Probe” badge was manufactured as a symbol of thanks, but also to recognise how hard the community strived to maintain patient care and quality.

Badges were sent to each NHS trust with an imaging department in the UK. News spread via our website and social media and 5,000 badges were quickly gone requiring us to order 2,500 more.

We have now sent badges to the United States of America, Brazil, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Zambia, Ghana, Kenya, the Philippines, Malaysia, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and all the way to Australia to name but a few countries. The response and enthusiasm towards the Rainbow Probe badge have been amazing, and some of the pictures we have received have been heart-warming.

As a further thank you, we have written an Ultrasound Quality Assurance Manual.  It aims to provide clear information and practical guidelines for implementing ultrasound QA, and will be distributed from November 2020.

If you would like a badge or or the QA manual please click here

United Lincoln Hospitals NHS Trust

Dr. Harnoor Singh Manesh (left), Dr. Isha (middle), Dr. Sumandeep Kaur Grewal (right), from Grewalz Health Care Sangrur, Punjab, India

Kristen, a vascular technologist from, Pennsylvania USA, with her team of fellow ultrasound technicians


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