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Multi-Medix Initiate National Transducer Survey

With QA at the forefront of our business, Multi-Medix are undertaking a national study during 2015 to investigate if routine QA and/or routine servicing are good enough to identify defective ultrasound transducers.

Dr Nick Dudley, Research Director for Multi-Medix, has developed, and will oversee the survey.

Departments, clinics and Hospitals have been invited to participate, through contact at meetings and conferences. The survey will assess the physical condition, operational status and safety of ultrasound transducers, using the leading testing apparatus at our disposal Aureon™, and Active-Z™.

The anticipated output of this survey will form a peer reviewed Paper to include descriptions of the number and nature of faults detected and the evidence based advice given to participants.

If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact us.


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