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Ultrasound Rainbow Probe

Ultrasound Rainbow Probe

Today, Multi-Medix completed its first wave of sending out “Ultrasound Rainbow Probe” badges, with a a thank you card, to those that have worked with ultrasound during the Covid-19 pandemic.

All UK NHS Hospitals have now been sent badges and thank you cards.   If you would like more badges for your team, please email us at [email protected] with your name, address and the number of badges you would like.

A message from our MD, Darren Woolley about the “Ultrasound Rainbow Probe” badges:

During the course of the pandemic we know that ultrasound has become an essential diagnostic tool for Covid 19 patients.  Alongside other professions, sonographers have been on the “frontline”, whilst maintaining traditional scanning during these challenging times. 

Your work has not gone unnoticed, and we are writing to express our gratitude and thanks to all hospital ultrasound departments and teams.

Whilst we have regularly commended and clapped to show our gratitude for all staff and keyworkers, as an ultrasound company we wanted to find a way to recognise the ultrasound community specifically – as a result the “rainbow probe” image was created.

The image symbolises the ultrasound community’s commitment to patient care and quality – now, and in the future.

We have also created a book on Ultrasound Quality Assurance.  It aims to provide clear information and practical guidelines for implementing QA, which is essential for ultrasound, and will be distributed later in the year.

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