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QA Quiz: Are you really doing Ultrasound QA?

To celebrate the BMUS conference this year, we have created a quick QA quiz on Ultrasound Quality Assurance. Every entry submitted also is submitted into a prize draw for a iPad that will arrive in time for Christmas.


You may find some of the answers to the QA quiz at our BMUS conference presentation on December 8th at 3.30pm. We will be presenting from our advanced probe testing lab and all industry sessions are free to watch: Anatomy of an ultrasound probe: What’s inside and why it’s important to you

Multi-Medix is offering a free consultation to anyone wishing to start or improve their ultrasound QA programme, please email for more information. In the meantime, you may want to view our our “Diagnostic Ultrasound Quality Assurance Manual” and videos by joining the Multi-Medix Online Knowledge Portal.

Good luck!


Diagnostic Ultrasound Quality Assurance Manual

Diagnostic Ultrasound Quality Assurance Manual available on the on the Ultrasound QA Knowledge portal