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Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month & AHP day

Today we celebrate AHP day, when we appreciate and recognise the extraordinary work of the Allied Health Professional’s Workforce. AHPs include radiographers and so all those working with ultrasound.

It falls in the middle of Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month. MUAM aims to provide the public with a better understanding of ultrasound and also gives ultrasound professionals a chance to celebrate their profession.

As Multi-Medix are specialists in Ultrasound, it is our month too. Here is what Multi-Medix is doing during October:

AHP Day Rainbow Probe cakesCakes

A celebration would not be complete without cake! Earlier this week we sent cakes to a local NHS hospital to celebrate AHP day 2020.


Thank you pin badges

At Multi-Medix we began to recognise the work of sonographers worldwide earlier in the year by creating the “Ultrasound Rainbow” image and distributing a pin badge globally. This workforce has been on the “frontline” using ultrasound as a key diagnostic tool during the Covid-19 pandemic. Often seen as one of the many “unsung heros”, we felt it was essential to thank them. With over 5000 badges sent worldwide, we they will be worn with pride today and this month especially!


Quality Assurance Top Tips

As part of MUAM, Multi-Medix is sharing its ultrasound QA  “top tips”. To see all these, short insightful reminders from a company that specialises only in ultrasound, see our social media feeds:

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Quality Assurance Manual

Multi-Medix is passionate about promoting the continued improvement of ultrasound quality assurance provision globally.

As a result it has created a Diagnostic Ultrasound Quality Assurance (QA) Manual that will be available in November.

Find out more here:


About Multi-Medix

The Multi-Medix team are built on the foundations of NHS Clinical Scientists, Clinical Technologists, and experienced business leaders, who are passionate about quality, customer service, value for money, and patient safety.

Multi-Medix are ISO 13485:2016 certified by BSI under certificate number MD 677953.

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